2017-10-06 19:37:01.455129 6 years ago

I've never tried Firebase until now...

Firebase lets you build apps without managing your own infrastructure. It's "infrastructure as a service", providing:

This helps you build an MVP quickly, relying on Google's infrastructure to scale.

The downside is that they might have limited features/functionality, compared to a custom infrastructure — and once you're building on it, you're kinda locked in.

Specific modules we need to care about:

Also has, or integrates with:

An interesting thing about the Firebase documentation is that you're not discouraged from exposing your apiKey in the browser client code, because on the backend, you whitelist Firebase API access from only specific domains (localhost,, etc.) — this isn't the most secure thing to do, but because it's just for Auth, it's fine.

There are also 3 types of storage:

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